Socials are themed gatherings with other greek organizations. This is a fun way for us to meet new members of the UCSB community and promote unity between the houses. Our favorite socials have been Paint Wars, Ragecoach, and more!

Date Parties

During fall quarter, we have Initiation Ball. This Ball is one that honors the initiation of new members, and it is held at a chic hotel. Winter quarter we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain and brought our dates on the roller coasters. In 2016, one of our date parties was court side at a Los Angeles Lakers game and we had the opportunity to take photos on the court with players. Spring quarter brings the best date night: Crescent Ball. Named after our organization’s symbol, Crescent Ball is the most extravagant and celebrates the accomplishments and memories of our graduating seniors. Past Crescent Balls were held at  the Santa Barbara Club, the Riviera Mansion and the Doubletree Resort Fess Parker in downtown Santa Barbara.