For the women of the Delta Psi chapter, sisterhood is the foundation to all our core values. All the things we achieve, including academics, philanthropy, and leadership, are all gained with a little help from our sisters. We pride ourselves in having the honor to help each other grow to be the best we can be. Whether we are at a philanthropy event for a different organization, a date function, or simply at a movie night, we make sure that we take the time to appreciate these golden moments with our sisters. After all, Robin Benway did say that there is one thing stronger than magic: sisterhood. 

Of the innumerable benefits of joining a sorority, sisterhood events are the ones you can’t begin to replicate in other organizations. Whether we are in our chapter room, affectionately called “the chappy,” during the Bachelorette and cringing together when Ari changed his mind, or hiking to inspiration point at sunset, we make sisterhood time a priority. Between fun study hours during dead week, and Galentine's day cookie decorating, we always make time for our sisters. It isn’t difficult either because our sisters are the first ones we turn to for a late night freebs run or (for some of us) a 7 am actual run.