A Message From our president


When I first came to UCSB, I was so excited to be attending my dream school. Although I didn't think sorority life would be for me-- based on the stereotypes and movies I had seen and believed were true-- my parents made me rush. During the recruitment process I was struck by the incredible and interesting women I met at all the houses on our campus and how different everyone was than how I imagined. I felt overwhelmed but energized with all the women I talked to-- but it wasn't until House Tours at Gamma Phi that I knew I had found my home. All my conversations at Gamma Phi, but particularly one with a graduated member named Ashley, shattered the negative stereotypes I had been holding onto, and I knew I had to join this group of phenomenal women. Now three years in, I constantly find myself pushed to be my best self and inspired by my sisters-- women who I know without a shadow of doubt are there for me. Gamma Phi's mission statement is "Inspiring the highest type of womanhood" and I truly believe that through our sisterhood events, study hours, community service, and leadership opportunities we fulfill it each and everyday.     

  With love to the crescent moon and back,

Jenna Cambilargiu

Chapter President