A Message from our President

       When I first arrived at UC Santa Barbara, I was scared, unsure, and an 8-hour drive from home. I had always desired a small college experience and never seriously considered Greek life for myself, so I opted against going through recruitment as a first year. I continued to spend that first year of college unsure: of myself, of UCSB, and of my decision to be unaffiliated with Greek life.

       Halfway through my first year, I was introduced to three women. They were excitable, they were kind, they were passionate, and they were Gamma Phi’s. They shattered all of my pre-conceived (and incorrect) notions about Greek life. They encouraged me to go through formal recruitment the following fall and promised me I would have a positive experience. And while I believed them, I never expected that I would one day become their sister, much less their Chapter President a year later!

       Gamma Phi Beta was founded in 1874 at Syracuse University and chartered at UC Santa Barbara in 1983, creating the Delta Psi Chapter. Gamma Phi Beta at UCSB offers a unique community of passionate, strong, inspirational women seeking to be their best selves while encouraging those around to do the same. Gamma Phi Beta’s philanthropic mission is “Building Strong Girls” meaning this is an organization filled with powerful, inspired, empathetic women encouraging their sisters to be the best versions of themselves. Now more than ever, it is so critical that women support and inspire each other, and Gamma Phi Beta provides a wonderful space where women are encouraged to be proud of themselves, their achievements, and their passions.

       Gamma Phi Beta at UC Santa Barbara is truly a special place. We take immense pride in our diversity in our academic pursuits, our backgrounds, and our goals while simultaneously celebrating that which brings us together. Each woman in our chapter is unique and plays an integral role in making the Delta Psi chapter wonderful. It is here that I feel inspired, connected, safe, and recognized. This chapter has given me a home at a school I once struggled to love; but thanks to Gamma Phi Beta, I am so incredibly happy with my friends, my school, and myself.

 I invite you to learn more about Gamma Phi Beta at our sorority’s international website: gammaphibeta.org and I hope you enjoy all that the UCSB Panhellenic community has to offer!


GPhi Bluffs Shoot 4.06.18-114.jpg

  With love to the crescent moon and back,

Bailey Heng

Chapter President